Our mission

“Our mission is not to fix the world, but to provide information that is truly reliable.”

Our understanding of geopolitics is that it translates the lessons drawn from history and geography into operational tools. The world is complex and multipolar. We describe situations and analyze their consequences. Geopolitics is realism that goes beyond ideologies and preferred conclusions – whether in economics, politics or international relations.

The art of the long view requires fact- and experience-based assumptions about the future. Therefore, the so-called “common consensus”, which is not based on reality on the ground, must be avoided. Much of the information we are bombarded with every day is either unimportant or wrong. We at GIS focus on relevance.

Geopolitics as we practice it is about developing scenarios and allowing for the unexpected. Our scenarios are based on probabilities. We do not merely deliver a prognosis: we examine the rationale of the main players and movers in politics, economics and society.

We reach out to independent sources of information in most countries throughout the world. We want to be an indispensable source of intelligence for our consulting customers as well as for our readers. Our aim is to supply keener insights, giving our partners an edge when it comes to decision-making or simply confirming that they are on the right track. Our forward-looking approach requires courage. We understand the inherent risks.