About GIS

Intelligence Consultants:

GIS Intelligence Consultants is the global advisory unit of the Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG, providing independent political intelligence, strategic analysis and future scenarios to companies, governments, organisations and individual leaders.

Our most valuable assets are our world-class experts and consultants, who include leading academics, economists and political scientists, former CEOs of multi-national companies, diplomats, former and actual politicians and senior advisers to Governments.

Every day they monitor the entire globe and navigate complex security and business environments to mitigate geopolitical risks, provide exclusive advice and deliver competitive advantage to our clients.

We cover all major industry sectors, focusing primarily on: politics; economy; energy; defence & security. Geographically, our expertise focuses on all the priority regions throughout the world, including Europe, North America, Central and South America; Africa and Middle East; Asia and Pacific region.

The company was founded in 2011 by H.S.H Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, an internationally renowned entrepreneur and expert in global economics, with a particular specialism in geopolitics.

Our main office is based in Liechtenstein, a country, which has no stake in international power politics – an attribute that also underpins our aims and principles.

  • Decision makers in politics, business, science, defence and media have a vital interest in understanding geopolitical developments. They depend on unbiased and trustworthy sources that deliver background information and analysis in a concise and incisive manner.

    HSH Prince Michael of Liechtenstein
    Founder and Chairman of Geopolitical Intelligence Services AG

Our objectives

What we offer

Our Mission

To improve our customers’ international performance.


Better Knowledge

Improve our customers’ understanding of geopolitics by providing relevant and robust insight, analysis and future scenarious;


Better Skills

Improve our customers’ ability to successfully anticipate and respond to geopolitical trends through exclusive coaching and support;


Better Networks

Improve our customers’ ability to successfully navigate complex situations in unfamiliar teritorries by connecting CEOs and senior executives with world-class experts, influencers and decision-makers.


Why Choose Us

High Level Expertise and Geopolitical Intelligence

GIS has unique expertise in developing and delivering a geopolitical intelligence programme. Our team of on-the-ground experts already provides intelligence to over 40,000 end-users across the world through our publishing services.

Bespoke Intelligence Service and Consultancy Support

We are committed to supporting you to implement your unique business or intelligence goals. We will work closely with you to clearly understand these and to deliver the right bespoke service.

Understanding and Responding to your Unique Needs

Our robust relationship management system means that you will have your own dedicated account manager, who will monitor your on-going needs and ensure that you have access to the right team of experts at the right time.

How we work

What we offer

This is how we work with our clients on a daily basis, providing world class global intelligence with impact:

We listen

to our clients

We listen to our clients, discuss their specific needs and develop exclusive strategic support packages, based on agreed outcomes

We provide

analysis and expertise

We provide unique up to date, on the ground analysis and insights, drawing on our experts’ local knowledge and networks, helping our clients to secure decisive advantage when they operate internationally

We advise

Based on facts

Our independence means that our advice is based on facts, not ideology; our analysis is based on current and future scenarios, not historical precedent; and our insights come from our network of leading experts with specific local and sectoral knowledge, not just from readily available secondary sources.

We help clients to:

make strategic decisions based on in-depth geopolitical situation analysis and scenario planning.
identify and evaluate potential international growth opportunities.

We provide a tailored approach because every company, institution situation and every market is unique.

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